An idea turned into a successful fashion business

In 2014 we spent our holidays on board the sailing catamaran "Pelican" in the Virgin Islands. On board the vessel of course it always was windy and I was permanently trying to impede my scarf - which I wrapped around the shoulders to protect them against the sun - from flying away. So I took needle and thread and stitched the scarf in a way that two sleeves were formed and it could be worn like a sun protection jacket. That was the moment "Ulli" was born :-)

It even was very useful when it got cool in the evening and also during shore leaves my new piece of clothing served me very well. I christened it "Ulli" after the first names of our skippers and good friends Ulrich and Ulrike who are called "the Ullis" by everyone.

Back home my friends asked what kind of sun protection I was wearing on the photos and where they could buy it. So the idea to produce Ullis developed.

Today the design and the name of Ulli are patented and registered trademarks in the EU, USA, Israel, the United Arabian Emirates, Australia and many other countries around the world. And I am happy about a constantly rising number of satisfied customers who create new ideas how to use their Ulli every day. I would be glad if you too will soon have fun with your own Ulli.

Andrea Giebel, Wiesbaden, Germany, August 2017