Andrea Giebel

About us

Atelier16 stands for changeable, handmade, distinctive designs.

We put a lot of thought into every single garment to make sure it is flattering, functional and can be worn for a long time. Good quality fabrics and sustainability are a given for us.

Wonderful - Changeable

... is the motto of my collections ULLI and Atelier16.

ULLI is the wonderful - changeable scarf. In the collection Atelier16 we produce dresses, skirts, blouses and the Sunnysuit, which is tied from a large cloth.

We try to redefine old values from the BelleEpoch.

By adding an ULLI as a belt, headscarf, bolero, sunnysuit or shivering protection and matching any tunic, Atelier16 fashion is now an essential part of vacation luggage and as an outfit for special occasions.

About the founder Andrea Giebel:

The fun of creativity, the love for the fabrics and the great feedback from the customers, who often said, "Now do something of your own..." gave me the courage to jump into the deep end and start my own design company.

When designing each look, we picked out the styles and silhouettes that are versatile and use the highest quality fabrics that bring everything to life

The new collection offers a selection of versatile styles that promise high comfort. Each garment has a relaxed fit and is easy to care for and comfortable even when traveling.

Have fun wearing them

Andrea Giebel, Wiesbaden, February 2023